Signs Indicating that You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep

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Do you have a fireplace in your home? If so, then it is really necessary to clean its firebox and chimney. In order to determine when your chimney needs professional cleaning, there are many of the signs that you have to consider. Rather than attempting to remove debris, creosote, and soot from a chimney yourself, you must contact a chimney sweep company, such as ramonage cheminée Sherbrooke, that has the appropriate inspection tools and brushes to do the task properly. The following are some of the signs you might observe that will imply that you need a chimney cleaning process or a fireplace repair. 

A fireplace that poorly burns 

If you have issues keeping a fire burning or starting a fire in a fireplace for many hours, this might be a sign since there’s probably a problem in the chimney shaft that’s stopping the air’s proper flow. In order to keep up a fire, you should have good airflow. Too much air could put off the fire while not enough would prevent it from burning properly. If you have this issue, then you should contact a professional chimney cleaner to inspect your chimney and fireplace. 

You smell a strong odor from a chimney or fireplace 

In a fireplace, your house must have a pleasant odor from the wood while the fire is burning instead of smelling an unpleasant odor. If you observe a strong smell, then there’s an issue with the shaft of the chimney since the updraft system is not working properly. This strong smell could result in respiratory distress or even death.  

The creosote or black soot is greasy 

The creosote or grease in your chimney should be one of the things that you check frequently. To check for greasy creosote or black soot, just reach inside your fireplace and touch the walls. This material develops over time in the internal structures of your chimney. But take note that this substance is dangerous. In other instances, creosote could start to burn, which leads to an internal chimney fire that could burn through the room’s walls. Hence, the grease in your chimney or fireplace should be immediately removed. 

Having a damper with bad condition 

It’s essential to guarantee that the damper on your fireplace is in good condition since it regulates the airflow into a chimney and fireplace. If you see that the damper of your fireplace could hardly be closed or open, then it is essential to have the item fixed as fast as possible to avoid more issues.  

Hearing birds or animals in the walls 

If you observed a scurrying or fluttering noise within the walls near your chimney, then you should get your chimney and fireplace inspected. Animals like squirrels and raccoons could enter a chimney on your rooftops to live in the structure. Moreover, birds could make their nests in a chimney. This is dangerous because it could lead to a blockage that’s comprised of straw and grass that could possibly burn down a house. 

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