Facts about Epoxy Flooring

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One of the most preferred types of flooring in the building industry is epoxy. This includes car showrooms, hangars, industrial plants, and residential homes to name a few. Thus, if you’re thinking of incorporating epoxy flooring, it is better that you get to know some of these facts.  

Epoxy Materials are Excellent Fire Retardants 

Several epoxy coatings include particular pigments that will quickly expand when they’re exposed to fire. This reaction will form a protective barrier quickly that will last until the fire is naturally put out.  

Epoxy Floors Have Excellent Adhesive Characteristics 

Epoxy flooring has excellent adhesive abilities. It’s estimated that the adhesive power of plancher epoxy sous-sol for each square inch of flooring is around 1.5 thousand pounds. Meaning, even when exposed to intense loads, it will stay stuck to the floors for a long period of time. 

They’re Almost Impermeable 

The epoxy chemical compounds are cross-linked because of the unique chemistry that’s between the molecules of the epoxy resin. This makes them extremely resistant to a lot of things. This includes water, air intrusion, chemicals, as well as corrosive materials in several cases.  

Epoxy Floors Can Withstand the Abuse 

Epoxy floors are the best heavy-duty floors available on the market. That is the main reason why they are used in factories and industrial plants. For those who don’t know, epoxy floors are always applied in places that are exposed to damage-inducing agents. This includes warehouse floors, heavy machinery garages, and airplane hangars. 

Epoxy can be Mixed with Various Materials to Improve its Performance 

In order to create high-quality coatings, epoxies can be combined easily with other materials. For instance, there are epoxy-amine systems, epoxy-sulfide systems, and aliphatic epoxy systems. These epoxy systems can also work pretty well with alkyds and acrylics. If you would like to know more about this, follow this, follow this link plancher epoxy 

The Secret Ingredient in Epoxy is the Epoxy Resins 

Epoxy resins are the main reason why high-performing epoxy coatings are very resistant and powerful. They are the primary material that creates high-quality designs such as epoxy-based primers, epoxy sealants, and topcoats. The epoxy resins make it possible for the epoxy coating to do quite well as floor coatings, fire retardants, waterproofing layers, and protective layers.  

Epoxy Floor Coverings Can Be Incorporated on a lot of Flooring Surfaces 

Various forms of flooring applications require unique coating systems that are primarily dictated by the form of material that is utilized as the substrate. This isn’t the case with epoxy. This is because it’s one of the very few systems that can be utilized on steel and concrete and almost all types of surfaces. That is why epoxy flooring will be applicable regardless of the form of substrate you’ve got.  

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